Humans of India

We have cities and villages. Cities have courts and villages have khap panchayet. We look down upon villagers for they are the uncultured, uncivilized, uneducated bunch. We criticize khap panchayets because they dictate the villagers’ life as per their wish. They order to rape the victims and parade them naked. And sometime they even give death sentences. They even practice child marriages. How uncivilized they are.

Look at us. We are the civilized bunch. What do we do when we find someone guilty? We tie them to the pole and beat them to death. There were many instances where we even beat children to death who were caught stealing a piece of bread and these days we beat students at court premises who were caught giving slogans.

How could they? They are students no matter how old are they. They are long past being adults. But so what? They are students. They must not think. They must not question. Instead they should study and secure jobs and get married and reproduce. That is the only aim one should have. What are these universities teaching these days? This is the reason parents should send their child only to engineering or medical schools. These anti-socials reading some books on history and economics and they question about the society norms, ask for the rights of the backward, underprivileged. They even dare to question about proceedings of the courts on some “terrorist’s” death trial. We have full faith on our judicial system (umm.. erm.. apart from some cases when an influential leader took away the house of my relative, and then what was that movie? “No one killed Jessica”. Just imagine! A person was killed but no one was convicted at first. or that infamous Sallu bhai case, you know what happened right? You were not following? What a shame! Oh well, we were not following Afzal guru’s case either. But so what? We know everything). They are the terrorists. Can’t you see how terrorized and scared we are by their slogans?

These “rascal”, “ungreatful” jholawalas go to college and study nothing. They were caught raising anti-indian slogans in a video. We all saw it. There were more videos also claiming the first one to be fake. But We know for sure the first one was right. These students should be punished. Specially the one who had beard. He must be Kashmiri ISIS agent plotting against us. Otherwise why should he keep such beard and be born to the parents who follow certain religion. Yes, we have seen those lawyers beating that other student. They are true patriots. We should respect and support them. They were doing their jobs. What did you say, it is not their job? Well it is every patriots job to beat the shit out of them who are not. How dare someone asks for freedom from poverty, caste system, oppression etc. etc. Our India is perfect. No one should think otherwise. Last month the student named Rohith Chakravarti Vemula committed suicide to defame our country. It is said these students were gathered in the name of his death. So what he was accused of something he didn’t do and was suspended. He could wait for sometime and endure some more. For it was his duty to endure as his birth was not royal. How wicked of him to die to gain political brawny points. These students’ life don’t matter. Let them die in police custody.

People are still getting killed in Kashmir. So what? So is our jawans. So did Kashmiri Pandits. The army protects our border so that we can kill our fellow Indians peacefully. We respect our Army. We even cry when they die. It is a different issue that we don’t care to know what happens to their family afterwards. [Gee, we don’t even know the other 9 jawans’ name except Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad, who died at Shiachen.] But so what? We wrote “RIP” in our status messages in Facebook, shared some memes and asked the very important question “Why no one is having candle light procession for our jawans?”. Ahem, We don’t go to such processions, who has time for that? Our army is full of angels. It is a different issue that we won’t trust them near our daughters, sisters, mothers or even brothers if we don’t know them personally(err… some rumor suggests that some army jawans rape and kill here and there).

We heard the farmers are committing suicide. What a drama. Our leaders have disclosed the truth behind these suicides. They were love-sick. There can’t be any connection between their death and our foods are getting costlier. Can be? Nahh. We are sure their death or life don’t affect ours. Their life don’t matter.
We don’t mind if our tribal Indians are killed, forced to migrate without any financial help from the government. That is what is going to happen with the tribes in Chattisgarh as the law which protects their rights is going to be abolished if no one protests. We don’t bother to know that these tribal people had no education or experience to survive in city life far from their forest. They will be long dead or bullied or called names for “polluting and crowding the city life” before they could even adapt to the new world. We won’t let them. How could we? We won’t even let them near our houses, let alone giving them job. They must be thieves, robbers, criminals. They are much more beneath us. Aren’t they? We heard some guys threw acid on Soni Sori’s face. We even saw pictures of her blackened face. What a make up. We heard she was tortured and raped by security officials/police in past. And all of that for some lowlife village people whose lives matter to her. As if her life matters. Their life don’t matter.

Their life don’t matter to us so their life don’t matter in anyway. Because we are the one who decides whose life matters and whose not. Our lives are secure. Our children goes to reputed costly schools, colleges. We work at multi national companies. Whoever likes our status messages are our best friends. They are going to save us if something goes wrong(like riots or something). And whoever think opposite are our greatest enemies. In fact all of them are anti-Indian. We are glad that we could mark these anti-people on time. Unfriend, block them in facebook and we are safer. It is us who are the true patriots, whose life’s greatest struggle is to decide which restaurant to go to eat this saturday night or which movie to watch this sunday.


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