Human I see: 2 : The Chaiwala at Juhu Beach

It was the last day of our 15-day road trip in Maharashtra. We were sitting with our luggage at Juhu beach before catching our flight. I was hit by “October-heat”, which managed to appear well in advance in September last year and knocked me down. Actually that was the reason I wanted to come back to Bangalore as soon as possible and feel better with the usual and famous pleasant weather of Bangalore. Maharashtra was terribly hot.

As usual we noticed some dogs there, as we always do. But we had no energy to make friends with them this time. We were watching from far. People were rushing to the beach as it was already evening. Just then we saw this chaiwala on his busy hours of business stopped in front of a dog who looked old and diseased a bit. He sat down beside the dog, took out one of his paper cup and poured some water from a bottle and gave the dog to drink from it.

He waited till the dog finished and then poured some more. The dog was probably done with it and moved further. He took the cup and threw it in the dustbin near.

Then he went on his way and resumed his business.

We fell in love with a human.

Our evening tea was special.



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