Book Review :: Nights Arose by Andrea Roche

41Bla9-4VfLBook: Nights Arose
Andrea Roche
Publisher: Solstice Publishing – Winter Solstice Imprint
Release: November 28, 2016
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy
Rating: 3/5

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Nessarose Du Mouchelle, a Jamaican girl with a soul of a tigress, preferred her name as “Arose”. She was a rebel compared to the other Jamaican women during late 1600’s. Arose often disguised herself in men’s clothes to play the role of a man. While growing up she spent years at her uncle Edmund’s ship where she learned everything a sailor needs to learn to survive in a voyage in the ocean. Her uncle’s valet, Blaze became her best friend.

She already possessed the gift of Knowing and had the power of seeing the future when Old Bessonth, the gypsy woman, gave her the opalescent gem. The Gem of the Red spirit allowed her to send her spirit into the astral plane. Morel, the voodoo priestess with the help of her henchman-brother Ambrielle always wanted to get the Gem of the Red Spirit and control the spirit world. In order to do so, she hatched sinister plots to kill Arose.

The story revolves around Arose and her strength with or without the help of the Red Spirit. Even though at times she sought warmth and support from a strange man called Captain St. James or her best friend Blaze but she never hesitated to stand up to her enemies and fight alone. She didn’t even hesitate to help her enemy.

Whom should she choose as her partner? Blaze or Captain St. James? How would she defeat Morel? Would she be able to protect the people in danger?

Read the book and you won’t regret.

 I received an e-book from the writer Andrea through Reader’s House (@Readers_tweets) in exchange for an honest review.






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