BOOK REVIEW :: Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar

Book: Men and Dreams in the DhauladharMenandDreamsintheDhauladhar
Author: Kochery C. Shibu

Publisher: Self Published
Release: 26 January 2013
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 3/5

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The story starts with Nanda, an engineer from Kerala, joining a Hydel project in Dhauladhar. He is running away from his past. Slowly he adapts the life at the campsite.

Khusru, a Kashmiri youth, was abandoned by his parents in childhood.  He was brought up by his uncle Usman and his wife. After losing his uncle to army shelling he was forced to join the terrorist training camp as they promised him to reunite with his parents.

Rekha, a doctor, wants to be a professional dancer. She keeps delaying her marriage with a doctor, which was fixed by her grandmother. She believes in true love and waits for the perfect man until she meets Khusru.

These are the three main characters in this story whose life eventually take them to the campsite of Dhauladhar.

My Evaluation

The life at the campsite of Himalaya range is harder than one might imagine. Same with the life of  Bakarwal Gujjars.

The plus point of this book is that it shows us the unknown aspects of lives of the characters. Different cultures, different lifestyles are described nicely. Character building with simple language is another plus.

Then comes the minus points.
There are many characters introduced with so many backstories but they are not really important to the main plot.

The long and detailed descriptions of project work with machines, tools, and jargons were tiresome and boring at some point. They hardly made any sense to me since I have no idea and interest in any such technicality of such projects. They broke the flow of the story in my opinion.

Rekha’s falling in love with Khusru seemed absurd to me. Trying to portray it as true love even more absurd. If the author had put some more effort to show their emotions, some more conversations between all the characters instead of explaining project work the story would have been much more enjoyable.

From the beginning, the story seemed like a thriller to me but in the end, nothing happens at all. The ending was rushed. After building so much expectation the novel ends up being a disappointment to me.

There were so many typos and grammatical mistakes. A thorough editing is badly needed.

‘I received an e-book from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’


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