Tiny Tales :: 1

Tiny Tales: 1

It was dark and cold night at the sea beach. There are hardly any tourists apart from them. She waited for him by sitting there. She couldn’t keep up with his pace at which he walked away from her. She was shocked seeing he could leave her in that dark sea shore alone. She waited. Because she believed her love would return to that spot eventually. She could have gone back to her room and waited. But she was scared for his safety. He was drunk and enraged. The sea was dangerous and so the deserted sea beach. She was scared for herself too for the risks she was aware of at such place.

He returned, but not to her. Seeing her seated on that rock he slowly took a shortcut to the hotel. Unaware she kept on waiting for him and someone else came to her. He was lurking in the dark bush for a long time assessing his chances with his victim. Moments later the sea roared, as usual, hiding the unusual faint scream from her mouth.

Next morning everyone asked, “What was she doing there at such hour alone?” “What was she wearing?”
That followed “She was asking for it. A girl like her deserves this.”


Fact and fiction

This was my task.

Fact and fiction

Trying to write both fact and fiction can help you realise the relationship between the two.
Write a paragraph (50 to 100 words) containing one fact and three fictitious elements. You can write about yourself, about your interests, about history – about anything you like.
Then try the reverse – write a paragraph containing three facts and one fictitious element.


And I have come up with this.

1 Fiction, 3 Fact : Ravi was in his final year of engineering, living in a different city while I already started working and still lived in our native place. He was my childhood friend. One night during our regular chat session over yahoo messenger he told me he was going to see the sunrise at the sea beach nearby with his friends whom I didn’t know. He didn’t reply the next night but next day I got a call from an unknown number telling me he drowned and if I suspected anyone.

1 Fact, 3 Fiction : That giant truck from the opposite direction was overtaking the other one at the same time when we turned at the blind bend of the road. It was too late to avoid the clash. Before I lost my consciousness, drenched in my own blood, I saw both the truck ran away. No one else was there to help me on the highway at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Why don’t you try too and write in the comment section of this post?


The late afternoon breeze is caressing the tips of the grasses grown all over our lawn. Nobody took care of it anymore. Earlier it was a nice garden with full of trees of different kind of fruits and plants of flowers like lily, marigold, rose, zinnia, carnation etc.. My favorite white lilies would spread its sweet and pleasant perfume every evening. Now it is only weeds and grass. The grasses are looking like gold streaks reflecting the sunlight. I always loved this time of the day. After a sultry hot afternoon it is such a bliss outside. When we were much younger we played in the playground opposite to our house at this hour everyday. We couldn’t wait for the sun to mellow down. We played till it was not dark enough to stop.

The playgrounds remain empty these days. No one plays anymore. The boundary walls around our house are in ruins and the remaining parts remind me of yellow decaying teeth of an old person. Dark green moss covered the most parts of the houses in our neighborhood. Trees and plants reclaimed their spaces on this side of the earth.

I am watching some flitting yellow and white butterflies above the wild-sage (Lantana Camara) bushes from our porch. Nani (grandmother) is sitting on her  chair nearby. We don’t speak much ever since the war got over, specially about the war. Many of the inhabitants left the town right after the war reached our town. Now it is very quiet here. I like this solitude very much. The chirping of different birds makes me feel intoxicated with tranquility. Human left, nature took over. But I miss my friends. I haven’t seen them for years.

I was about to sit down on the stairs when I heard some giggling and rattling of bicycles. Two girls about my age passed by our lawn and entered Khalet chacha’s plot. If not for the ruins of the walls no one can really tell these are properties of two different families who even followed different religions. That was same for this entire neighborhood. No one could ever tell who belongs to which religion if they didn’t know them personally.

I felt I knew one of the girls who is wearing a bottle green skirt. The other one is wearing a white frock with floral print. They both looked like foreigners with brunette hair. Even though they looked like nice girls I didn’t like them intruding. Sinister ideas crept up in my mind. After the war I discovered I have acquired the power to be invisible whenever I wanted to. I made up my mind and approached the girls slowly. I know if I am not careful they can hear my footsteps and see the trails on the grass.

Before I could cross the decrepit boundary walls they suddenly started running towards my direction playfully leaving their cycles behind. That made it easier for me. They can’t see me for sure. I just want to scare them and have some fun.

I grabbed some pebbles and started throwing at them one by one without hurting anyone. I was being careful about that. Both of them were startled and looked around. But they couldn’t see anyone, of course. As they turned back and started going back to their cycles I threw some more pebbles. They landed in front of  them. They turned towards me now and looked visibly alarmed.

The girl in green skirt who seemed familiar pointed towards me at the grass and said : “Hey look, something is there. Do you see the grass is flattened by some pressure there? How weird!” The girl in floral frock looked nervous and replied : “Let’s go back. Whatever it is, is not very friendly.”

I tried to stay very still. Even though they can’t see me they could still see the grass. That made me uncomfortable . The one with green skirt said again : “I can sense someone there.” And then shouted : “Who are you? Why are you throwing stones at us?”

I held my breath and tried not to move. This made me feel unsatisfied. They were supposed to feel scared and run away. What fun is there otherwise! I again tried to remember very hard where did see this girl before. Soon I realized they are going back to their cycles again. I thought that making some noise might frighten them. So I started jumping and running behind them. The grass has grown to knee length. So all the jumping and running created a lot of chaos. That did the work. The girl in floral frock started running dragging her friend along with her. It felt ecstatic. I ran after them feeling more enthusiastic.

The girls ran fast and reached Khelat chacha’s house which has only two walls of a L-shaped corridor left. Rest of the house had collapsed. Both the ends of the corridor were open. They entered from the nearest one. I followed them. Soon they reached the corner and turned left to the passage and ran faster towards the other end. I stopped at the middle to laugh to my heart’s content. It was so hilarious. These girls will never come back here for sure.

But was I wrong?! Suddenly I saw the girl in green skirt came running from the end we entered. Her right hand was stretched in front and before I could understand what was going on her hand touched mine. She grabbed my arm with both of her hands and won’t let me go. She started screaming : “I told you someone is here.” Her friend also came after. Now it was my turn to feel scared. I tried to free myself from her grip but in vain. She seemed very strong. Failing to do so I seized her throat. She seized mine. While we both were choking we looked at each other. I was no more invisible to her or her friend. The other girl stood there without taking any part in it.

As her beautiful white face turned pale some memories came rushing back to me. I remembered her now. She was lying next to me after 3 suicide bombers attacked the town’s book fair killing hundreds 10 years back. I even vaguely remembered being inside some book stall browsing some books beside her before the blast. Very few were lucky enough to survive that deadly explosion. I realized now we girls were not among those lucky ones.

The Wild Yak

It was a story of Jampa’s childhood. She lived in the most beautiful village in Chumbi valley of Tibet. She was 3 years old at that time when this happened. Her house was very near to the forest. Her amala* always warned her about the forest. She told her about the wolves and bears who lived there. She even avoided looking at the forest at night. Specially in the moonlight the forest looked so mysterious to her.

From the morning till the evening they roamed around in the valley and played all day. She was very fond of Lahmu and followed her everywhere. Lahmu was the shepherd Mingma’s daughter. There were 140 yaks and 20 horses in their warehouse. Lahmu would whistle when it was time for them to go home in the evening and everyone would follow her back quietly.

One day in late summer they all were at their favorite spot. It was more sultry and misty than usual. Jampa felt a storm was coming. Within a few minutes the clear blue sky turned into violet with huge dark clouds. The fierce wind started blowing the grass violently. They started running homewards as fast as they could. The thunderstorm overtook them following a series of lightning. Some of them fell very near. The thunder rolled continuously. Before they could reach home it started raining. Those raindrops hit them like stones on their shoulder and back. It was very painful.

Suddenly a massive noise made them almost deaf. They were so frightened as they ran through the rain and the forest was just beside them. Out of the blue a loud, painful cry startled them . Lahmu stopped to check what it was. Jampa followed her too.
Lahmu whispered: “It’s a drong**!”

It was a huge golden-brown female yak with grayish muzzle. Jampa remembered amala once told her that drongs are very shy and bigger than domesticated yaks. They live much above the forest and never leave their herd and they seldom come down here or near humans. Jampa wondered why it was here.

They noticed one of her horns was broken and it was covered with blood. She was shaking with pain and fear. She tried to go away from them but failed to move her legs. All of a sudden she started gasping for air and her body shook with intense twitch. Then she fell and became still.

Lahmu cried : “Oh no! What should I do now?”

Jampa tried to ask : “Is it dead?”

Lahmu shouted with surprise : “There is a calf!”

He was little bigger than a normal dog, covered with the blood of his mother. The wild yak gave birth to her baby just before she died. Female yak always finds a secluded place to give birth.

In between the storm went further leaving them wet. Lahmu told Jampa to wait there and ran to call her father. As Jampa waited there perplexed near the calf, the calf pressed it’s head on Jampa’s leg.

Mingma came running and took the calf to the warehouse. All were so happy and amused seeing the calf trying to stand on its legs and walk. That night Jampa slept beside the baby.

For a few days the calf stayed in the canopy and then he was set free in the vicinity as he was a wild yak. But he didn’t go anywhere. Every evening he came back to the entrance of the canopy and waited for Jampa. Jampa gave him a name too. She called him Muh. She became very protective about Muh and wouldn’t leave him alone. Jampa thought it was her duty to teach Muh how to find good moss and herb. Now Muh followed Jampa everywhere. Muh wont let anyone nearby except Lahmu and Jampa. Even though he was near domesticated cattle and human, still he remained a wild.

Winter came soon. Muh grew very fast. Almost as big as Jampa. Jampa’s amala told her it is time for Muh to go and unite with his herd. A wild yak should never have to live in a canopy. Freedom is what he will start missing soon. Jampa was very upset. She almost started crying. But she didn’t know how to cry.

Then one day it was her time to say goodbye to her little Muh. Jampa stood watching Mingma and Lahmu taking Muh into the forest. She knew she wasn’t allowed to go there. It broke her heart to let him go as Jampa thought him as her own child. But amala told her by next year she will have her own baby.

She felt sad that she couldn’t overcome the fear of forest. Even for her Muh. She will always remain a domesticated yak till her death.


*Amala = Mother;

**Drong = Wild yak;

Inspired by: Der weiße Yak – Federica de Cesco