Flowers, Spring & BigBouquet

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”
— Robin Williams

Spring is here again! The season of new beginnings. Fresh buds blooming, animals awakening from hibernation and the earth coming to life again. The temperature is rising slowly. At some places the slight winter chill still refusing to leave the night air. This is the season of flowers. The earth is turning green again before the Summer hits us. Spring is the season of colors as well in India. 12th March we are going to celebrate Holi, the festival of colors. Humans of India surely took inspiration from the nature.


Spring also reminds me of my childhood in Kolkata. Every year during March we would have our annual exams. We would eagerly count days for the last exam to finish and then we would be free birds playing in our garden whole day. The White Lily would spread its enchanting fragrance every evening and I would smell and tell myself how lucky I was to have a garden full of flowers. Because I knew not everyone was that fortunate.

In our garden we had White Lily, Marigolds, Pinwheelflower, Four o’clock flower (Mirabilis jalapa), White Rangoon Creeper, Rose, Land Lotus, Hibiscus, Night-flowering Jasmine to name a few. We never needed to buy any flowers. But that was past. While we still have the garden in Kolkata, I live in Bangalore now and having a garden here is merely a dream. Balcony gardens can’t beat the actual garden ever. Even if we wish to gift someone or wish someone to gift us flowers we need to go to the local florists. The fragrance of freshly bloomed flowers is one of the things I miss so much.


With our busy schedules these days we hardly can spend much time at the florists and buy the perfect bouquet for our loved ones or for ourselves. Some shops are at such a busy road that even standing there for few minutes is a pain. That’s where online e-commerce sites come to our rescue. Even then most of the sites have limited combinations of bouquets and no tool for customizing our own choices. BigBouquet ( gives us such options. The first ever and only site which allows their customer to choose the flowers, number of flowers, greens, fillers and packaging.



Give it a try this coming women’s day. Tell the women in your family that they are special. Or just buy flowers for your home anyway. BigBouquet ties up with local vendors who don’t have access to the online market. With the current situation after demonetization and our economy changing from cash-based to cashless these local vendors are one of the victims. Even though BigBouquet started its operations last Spring, the role it is playing to help the local florists’ businesses is more relevant now.

Celebrate the season with flowers, friends and loved ones.


Human I see: 2 : The Chaiwala at Juhu Beach

It was the last day of our 15-day road trip in Maharashtra. We were sitting with our luggage at Juhu beach before catching our flight. I was hit by “October-heat”, which managed to appear well in advance in September last year and knocked me down. Actually that was the reason I wanted to come back to Bangalore as soon as possible and feel better with the usual and famous pleasant weather of Bangalore. Maharashtra was terribly hot.

As usual we noticed some dogs there, as we always do. But we had no energy to make friends with them this time. We were watching from far. People were rushing to the beach as it was already evening. Just then we saw this chaiwala on his busy hours of business stopped in front of a dog who looked old and diseased a bit. He sat down beside the dog, took out one of his paper cup and poured some water from a bottle and gave the dog to drink from it.

He waited till the dog finished and then poured some more. The dog was probably done with it and moved further. He took the cup and threw it in the dustbin near.

Then he went on his way and resumed his business.

We fell in love with a human.

Our evening tea was special.